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Sugar in Take-Away Foods. The Cause of Obesity Pandemic

Let’s first understand that not all sugars are of the same kind. Secondly, any sugar in excess – be it from your cola or from your chikoos – can be bad. Let’s take the example of your table sugar – essentially, “sucrose” made of glucose and fructose. Your body has a limit to how much glucose and fructose it can digest. So, unhealthy amount of glucose means high blood sugar. And an obscenely high amount means that it gets stored in the liver and converts to glycogen, which, if not utilised well by the organ (or in case of insulin resistance), can convert to fats. And diseases. Like diabetes, glaucoma, etc., if not regulated on time.

Now, unlike Glucose, Fructose doesn’t get broken down into your gut, def not as blood sugar. Instead it goes straight to your liver where it gets stored as fats. And you cannot burn Fructose by physical activity, like you can do with its sibling Glucose! Is it a surprise then that High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is the cause of the obesity epidemic all over the world?! But, Glucose and Fructose in man-made foods come from added sugars… like 14.1g in your tall latte with skimmed milk, 56g in a can of baked beans, 42g in a 355 ml bottle of orange juice and even in artificial sweeteners! So unmoderated consumption of sugar = excess fats = excess health problems!
And that’s what our crusade is about – taking the mask off all added sugars in your food which the food marketing world uses as taste enhancers so you can buy their foods in excess!

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