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Verified COVID-19 Relief Resources

When 2020 struck us with the first wave of the pandemic, nobody thought that we would have to face it again, that too with twice as many damages.

Times are rough and we know a lot of you want to help. With so many people taking so many initiatives, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Who is genuine and who isn’t. So we decided to collate some resources for your ease.


This perhaps is the biggest criticality right now. Either you are in need of it or you know someone that is. Hemkunt foundation provides oxygen to any covid-19 patient (In Gurgaon, Mumbai and Kolkata) for free. You can also donate to them so that they can continue producing this critical resource.


Chances are that in the midst of all this, sitting at home is making you feel like you aren’t helping enough. So here are some organisations to which you can donate:

India Covid Resources – If you’d like to explore institutions doing varied work and then take your pick, our friends at The Product Folks have put together a brilliant platform for verified initiatives – across oxygen imports, hospital beds, meals etc. Just go through their website and donate without hesitation, to any cause that speaks to your heart.

Doctors 4 u is an organisation raising funds for covid resources in Delhi, as it is one of the worst hit as of now. Our friends at Epigamia and Sauce are also helping this cause.You can help by donating directly through this link or via The Whole Truth website.We encourage you to donate, no matter how small the amount as we can 100% verify the authenticity of this effort.


All those interested in committing time and energy to a cause to do your bit. Here are a few organisations we love and are accepting volunteer applications.

Khaana chahiye: Aims to combat the issue of hunger through relief efforts and advocacy initiatives. The organisation started as a relief operation during the Covid-19 lockdown in Mumbai and became one of the most extensive crisis management operations in the city.

Seeds india : Responds to the physical, mental and economical impacts of the pandemic on the more economically vulnerable parts of society with the help of the government.

> Goonj: Aims to reduce poverty in rural India through various efforts, which even though not COVID specific, cater to the effects of the lockdown on marginalised communities and families of migrant workers.



There is a need for balanced meals for COVID patients across the country. People who are recovering and can’t cook for themselves, Covid Meals for India has a curated  list of home chefs who are delivering across the country. 

Mental Health

Both for those recovering from COVID, and everyone else sitting at home amidst all this morbidity, taking care of our own mental health is a huge challenge. We’ve put together a few helplines/ resources that offer free or low cost services to make mental health support easily accessible to anyone.

  1. Samaritans Mumbai : emotional support and assistance for those in distress
  2. Project Mumbai : Mental health community for online counselling
  3. Arpan : Mental health and parenting therapy 
  4. Another Light : LBTQIA friendly therapy 


Physical Health 

If you don’t have a set workout schedule, just checkout our Instagram for curated ‘workout of the day’ and you’ll be sorted. There are also plenty of our friends who post kickass workouts that we will share with you!

We are all in this together and this too shall pass.

Stay safe and healthy!

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