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Coffee Crunch Granola



Perfect mornings need two things - a healthy breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. But who said these need to be two things? Ummm, no one!

Sleepy Owl Original Coffee is grown above 5300ft in South India. Sleepy Owl works closely with coffee patrons in Karnataka to source highest grade Arabica beans directly from farms.

The beans are perfectly roasted in small batches to enhance flavours and then grind and sealed immediately. This process locks in all the delicious flavours.

This Granola ticks all boxes. Here’s how:

  • Balanced Macros:

    Unlike traditional breakfast cereals that are loaded with carbs (and little else), only half the energy here comes from carbs. And the other half from good fats & proteins.

  • Sustained Energy:

    Majority of the carbs are complex, slow-release carbs from whole grains. Which means steady energy release that gets you through the day.

  • Low Insulin Impact:

    The complex carbs and natural fibres help avoid a sudden insulin surge. No spikes and crashes.

  • No refined sugar:

    Sugar ain’t bad. Refined, nutritionally empty sugar is. So to sweeten this Muesli we found Kakvi. A dark, golden liquid used for ages in rural, coastal India - it’s the most un-refined form of sugarcane you can find. And it’s even more nutritious than jaggery!

  • Portion controlled:

    The real problem with a sugary breakfast cereal is how much we eat of it. Both as breakfast and generally - as a snack. That's why we send you a measuring scoop. 2 scoops = 1 serving = ~220 calories. Another 120cal from 200ml milk - and your morning is sorted under 350cal! But no cheating, ok!

Folks love us

Finally!!! Coffee and granola is my go to breakfast combo and you guys are spoiling me! It's so delicious! The whole truth is- I'm obsessed!
Star Rating

Sakshi Soni

My two fav brands coming together? I would've literally bought anything you guys sold ;) But! This granola is packed with so much flavour - the perfect amount of sweetness while still serving the great coffee flavour and don't get me started on the crunch!
Star Rating

Haily Shah


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