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  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • Dairy Free

Our original Protein Bars contain whey, and a lot of folks asked us for dairy-free options. Some because they’re lactose intolerant, and some because they worry about the planet.

Well, we heard you. Here’s your 100% clean, dairy-free dose of yumms.

Like every product we put our name on, these bars too are made with just a few, premium, clean ingredients. All declared upfront. No hidden sugars, no sugar substitutes, no artificial sweeteners or flavors. Basically, nothing made in a chemistry lab.

These bars are Nuts!! And dates and berries :) All smooshed together to make one gooey, yummy fudge.

Basically, everything in this bar grew in a farm or on a tree. No animal was harmed (or even remotely in the vicinity) when these were made.

The Whole Truth is that you’ll eat these bars and go What The Fudge! Fudge me good! No…Fudge me silly! Fudge Yeah!

You’ve never had this combination of taste and texture in a Vegan product before. It’s wholly original. And you can’t fudge this!


Folks us

As a conscious consumer, I've been happy to see The Whole Truth sharing 100% ingredient information with consumers. The bars taste as good and wholesome as you'd expect - soft, chewy and naturally delicious.

Arti Jain

Star Rating
Co-Founder, Bakeart
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