Yes all our Energy bars are certified vegan with the protein coming only from plant based sources. They are gluten-free, soy-free, added-sugar free and preservative free too! (just not free-free as we have kids to feed too)

These energy bars have no added sugar, no preservatives, no gluten, no added flavour or colour, no soy, no artificial sweetener and no dairy. Food really doesn’t get any cleaner than this! And since they’re packed with just nuts, dates and berries, the energy bit you’ll feel the moment you dig in!

After you have devoured the energy bars (tough not to) just clean the oil or crumbs which maybe left behind on the wrapper, and put them in the envelope, seal it and drop it in a post box closest to your location. The packs will reach us and we’ll dispose of them responsibly, for you!

Oh, and don't forget to click a photograph and tag us on Instagram to get your discount code for 25%.

We’ve tied up with several recyclers and up-cyclers. We’ll ensure that all the plastic you send back is either re-used or responsibly disposed off. Not end up in a land-fill or in the ocean.

Yes they are!! After all, they’re just nuts, dates and berries smooshed together. They make of a lovely, healthy kids snack!

Just please check for nut allergies if the child has any before consuming. Apart from that, the younger they switch to clean energy, the better!

If no-dairy is so good, why do you use Whey protein in your protein bars?

Yup, our Protein Bars have whey. Raw, unadulterated whey which we procure directly from the manufacturer to ensure zero adulteration. And we use whey because it’s still the most easily digestible and most bio-available form of veg protein known to man.

But, if you believe that Dairy isn't good for your gut (or the planet) then we also want to give you a 100% natural, nutrition rich, snacking option. That’s what these bars are…nothing but a gooey mix of fruits, dates, berries and nuts.

protima tewari

Protima Tiwary

These lactose-free bars are high in protein, low in sugar and taste excellent – a velvety smooth indulgence that makes snack-time interesting.

Protima Tiwary

Digital Creator and Fitness Enthusiast
glenn saldnha

Glenn Saldanha

These fudgy vegan bars taste divine!! It’s a great pre-game snack, a great mid-morning snack and yes most importantly for me this takes care of all my sugar cravings.

Glenn Saldanha

RJ, 104 FM Mumbai
anushka sani

Anushka Sani

We now have super-yummy vegan bars from The Whole Truth! Being lactose intolerant, I’ve been waiting for these…they’re super fudgy and a perfect morning or evening snack.

Anushka Sani

Founder, Thought Over Design
aarti jain

Arti Jain

As a conscious consumer I’ve been happy to see The Whole Truth sharing 100% ingredient information with consumers. The bars taste as good and wholesome as you’d expect – soft, chewy and naturally delicious.

Arti Jain

Co-Founder, Bakeart

Sagar N Mehta

Great Vegan Bars, found them wholesome and super tasty. Each variant is flavourful and like the raw taste of fruits. 10 on 10 from my side.

Sagar Mehta

Founder, Vegandukan
Peanut Cocoa - Box of 6
Peanut Cocoa - Box of 6

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