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Immunity balls

Potent as hell. Tasty as well.

Fortnightly Pack

30 balls | 15 days

Anti-Inflammatory x 15
Anti-Inflammatory x 15


Monthly Pack

60 balls | 30 days

Anti-Inflammatory x 30
Anti-Oxidative x 30


Family Pack

120 balls | 60 days

Anti-Inflammatory x 60
Anti-Oxidative x 60


Experts Endorse Us

As a doctor, I always believe prevention is better than cure. This is especially true in the time of this global pandemic. The ingredients in these balls are all conducive to better immune health, and I would recommend that everyone taking care of their health consume

Dr. Madhuri Kulkarni

M.D. Professor and H.O.D., Pharmacology, Government Medical College Aurangabad
Star Rating
When you hear immunity balls – the first impression is bitter and boring BUT it turned out to be yummy and delicious. It was love at first BITE! The spices aid digestion, improve gut function and cleanse the body from within. Great as a snack not only for adults but kids too.

Shilpa V. Amin

Nutritionist and Wellness Coach
Star Rating
The balls are a delicious power packed snack guaranteed to boost immunity and satiate hunger pangs. When I recommend them to my clients, it is very comforting to know every bite contains real ingredients and nothing else :)

Maitreyi Bokil

Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist
Star Rating

Folks love us

The immunity balls dialed back the clock to my grandmother's kitchen during Diwali. I remember lining my stomach with 'Lehiyam', her magical Diwali medicine, which helped the body digest the flurry of sweets and snacks that were going to hit my body and keep me from feeling bloated. ANE's immunity balls are sure to take you back to a place of warmth, comfort and gastronomic delight!

TT Venkat

Investment Professional
Star Rating