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  • Does refrigeration kill nutrition?
  • Is whey protein a steroid?
  • How do genetic tests work?
  • Why do I feel sleepy after having lunch?
  • Why is it difficult to maintain new year resolutions?

Frequently asked questions:

  • How much coffee is too much coffee?
  • How do I choose a good bread?
  • How do I choose a good cooking oil?
  • Are artifical sweeteners better than sugar?
  • What are the safest cooking utensils?
  • What is TruthGPT?

    A GPT that's trained on all of TWT's original, expert, deeply researched, food and fitness content. And hopefully, an example of what good AI can do for journalism and health.

  • Why is The Whole Truth doing this?

    Because we're on a mission to re-build the world's trust in its food. And on this mission, solving food & fitness journalism is as important as solving food itself.

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