Food Safety Best Practices @ The Whole Truth

Dear Eater of Healthy Food

If you’re a consumer of our brand, it’s clear that you care about what goes inside your body. Goes without saying then, this virus, and what it means for your food, would have you worried. And rightfully so.

While it seems that the virus does not travel through food (read this), I’m writing this blog post to assure you that at ‘The Whole Truth’, we’ve taken every possible step to ensure that your bars are being made with the highest standards of hygiene possible.

From scanning employee body temperatures using infra-red thermometers, to ensuring that every hand and every surface that comes anywhere near your food is sanitized every 30mins – we’re implementing every WHO recommended safety guideline with extreme discipline – every day.

Please find below an exhaustive list of ALL the precautions and best practices we’ve implemented. If you still find something we’re not doing, but we should be, please feel free to write directly to me at

These are tough times. So we’ve toughened up. Because you deserve the safest food and nothing else.


founder. The Whole Truth.


Food Safety Best Practices @ The Whole Truth

1. Staff Training

Our staff has been alerted, informed and educated on COVID-19, with training covering all emotional and physical health setbacks and hazards.

All staff members at The Whole Truth are given surgical masks, gloves and other appropriate protective gear, which are to be changed every 3 hrs.

2. Body Temperature Checks

We’ve installed Infra-Red Thermometers at both our production and operations facilities. We check the body temp of everyone who enters –  the food handlers, our staff, and any outside delivery personnel, at the time of both entry and exit.

3. Hygiene Checkpoints

All our staff members have been instructed to wash hands with soap, rinse, dry and sanitize at

  1. entry into kitchen premises
  2. before starting work
  3. after every toilet break
  4. after accidentally touching any nonfood safe area
  5. post-lunch
  6. post-tea breaks
  7. before leaving

4. Hand Sanitization Frequency

A bell has been installed which rings every 30 min and the staff has been trained to sanitize their hands and food contact surfaces. We use Isopropyl 90% alcohol as a sanitizer.

5. Facility Prep

Our food manufacturing facility has an area segregated for handwashing & toilets. We’ve installed a separate check and hygiene station, to ensure proper sanitization of anyone entering the facility.

6. Surfaces Sanitization Schedule

A checklist and cleaning schedule has been made to ensure that all food surfaces and other surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant wipes and sanitized with IPA, 4 times a day.

7. At Home Prep for Staff

All of our staff has been instructed to avoid contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing or sneezing at home. They’ve also been instructed to keep following the same level of hygiene standards even when they’re not at the facility.

8. Raw Material

All incoming raw material containers/crates are sprayed with isopropyl alcohol 99.9 %, to ensure zero contamination

9. Finished Goods

All the inventory crates with finished goods are washed, rinsed ad dried every day and sanitized 4 times a day.

10. Outside Personnel

Any delivery / pick up executive is only allowed entry after ensuring these checks as following :

  1. Body -Temperature check
  2. Hand Wash
  3. Hand Sanitization




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3 thoughts on “Food Safety Best Practices @ The Whole Truth

  1. Hie guys I have tasted so many protein bars but the taste of your protein bar is like can’t explain over message so tasty protein bars you guys makes
    I have ordered it by seeing it over cred I will strongly recommend this bar in my gym to everybody to try it at once
    Is it safe for kids ?????? Can we replace normal chocolate to this bar ???
    And I want to reorder it is it possible to get 50 percent discount ??? I am not getting multiple coupons over cred

    1. Hey there! Thanks a ton for writing in. Yes it is safe for kids (as long as you’re fine with Whey). Yes you can, and should replace chocolates with this. It’s much much much more nutritious. And no, the CRED offer is only single redemption 🙂

      Hope that help

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