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Cleanest snack. Ever.

12g protein. No bad stuff. Tasty as hell.

Special Edition

KC Roasters Coffee

Coconut Cocoa

Fresh, tropical coconut

Peanut Cocoa

Peanut Butter meets Chocolate

Double Cocoa

Deep, Dark Chocolate

Peanut Butter

Rich, Creamy Peanut Butter

Coffee Cocoa

Unapologetically Coffee


Berry Berry Cranberry

no added sugar . no preservatives

no added flavour . no added colour

no sugar alcohols . no soy or gluten

no artificial sweeteners

no false claims . no half-truths

and no hidden * marks either

What’s inside. Outside.#nothingtohide

Ever wondered why ingredient lists are hidden, in microscopic font, at the back?

Brands hide what goes into their food, because they have something to hide.

But we don’t. So we declare each and every ingredient, proudly, upfront.

lara shankar

Lara Shankar Chandra

It’s great to have a healthy yet tasty snack option for my children. As mothers, we’re cautious about what’s ‘not’ written on pack. With these bars, you get exactly what you read and see. The Whole Truth.

Lara Shankar Chandra

Social Dev Professional
aastha 1

Aastha Kulshrestha

For me, it’s an indulgent yet guilty-free snack! Having to go from one courtroom to another, TWT bars keep me going!

Aastha Kulshrestha


Anshu Gupta

I finished my first batch of The Whole Truth bars and I can’t imagine my life without it now. Not only is it healthy with clean ingredients, it tastes so good, that I really look forward to eating during my coffee break. And kids love it too!

Anshu Gupta

Global Manager, WWT

Samarth Bhardwaj

I was not into protein bars because I know they have a lot of added sugars and flavours, which are not good for you. But these bars are amazing! They are made of only the good stuff and are so Tasty! and nothing else 🙂

Samarth Bhardwaj

Brand Manager, Unilever
adarsh 1

Adarsh Sharma

I have been looking for a good protein bar for a while now & now I have found the best. The Whole Truth – the healthiest & tastiest protein bar in the world!

Adarsh Sharma

ankush 1

Ankush Gera

What appeals to me most about these bars is that the ingredients are super clean & fresh. What’s on the label is what’s inside. The chocolate flavor is my favorite and literally tastes like a brownie with almonds.

Ankush Gera

Founder, Junglee Games

Protein Myths

That need some busting

Protein bars are for gym bros

That’s right!


Bars with a gazzilion grams of chemical-laden protein are for bulky gym bros.


This bar though, is just nutritionally balanced, clean food (that happens to be rectangular in shape).


If nuts, dates and milk are for you, this is for you.

Whey Protein isn't natural

Right again. Most Whey in the market is full of chemicals like BCAA, Creatine etc.


In its natural form, whey is just a by-product of cheese. It’s the water left behind after straining curd.


It’s this pure, unadulterated whey that we use.

Indians don't need that much Protein

80% of Indians eat protein deficient diets!


We used to be an agrarian society. We worked in farms, and ate carbohydrate-rich food.


We are now a modern society. We sit on chairs and work on laptops. But our food hasn’t changed.


We might need lesser protein than Americans, but we aren’t getting even that.

Burning Questions

of a betrayed health seeker

What is 'healthy' food?

Is it ‘No Sugar Added’ or ‘Low Carb’ or ‘Keto’ or ‘ Vegan’?


How do you decide what’s good?


Having tried everything that’s sold under the garb of healthy, we found just one universal truth.


Good food is made of good ingredients.


And Nothing Else.

Why are ingredient lists hidden at the back?

Brands hide what goes into their food, because they have something to hide.


But we don’t.


So we simply declare every single ingredient that goes into our food, proudly, on the front of pack.




How do I read nutritional labels?

All food is made of Protein, Carbs and Fat. A good balance of these three, is nutrition.


All this information is hidden in the nutritional table. And big-food-brands don’t want you to read it.


Well, screw them. Read this.


Disclaimer: It’s written by the guy who makes these bars. Views are personal. So is the crusade.

This pause in regular programming ends tomorrow. In less than the next 12 hours, we finally reveal what we’ve been upto. What big, scary, exciting thing we’ve been ranting about all week.

But before we do that, we wanted to take a moment, and thank you.


We’re less than 9 months old. If 9 months ago, you’d told us we’ll sell over 3 lakh bars, that thousands of people will rave about them, and that almost a lakh will choose to follow us - we’d have laughed and told you to keep it together. Dream runs are called that for a reason.

But it happened. One bar at a time. One myth-busting, truth-speaking, insta-post at a time. It happened. We built a solid business, never sold our soul, and ended up finding a family!

When everyone told us to ‘dumb-it-down’ for the consumer, we decided to detail-it-up. When everyone told us to ‘tell her what she wants to hear’, we decided to tell her what she needs to. What she deserves to.

And in the love you gave us in return, you proved it works. That truth...still works.

So as we get ready to reveal to you, your beloved brand’s new avatar tomorrow, we just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you. For proving that doing well by doing good, is possible.

We’re blessed to have a fam like you.


It’s finally time. At the stroke of midnight.


364 16

We’re pausing regular programming because something BIG is coming up!

In a few days, we’ll announce a big change. But it isn’t really a ‘change’. It’s an Evolution.

With ‘𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗲𝗹𝘀𝗲’, we’d made a bet. As we evolve, we’re now betting the house on it.


To re-build the world’s trust in its food. That’s our purpose. The reason we exist.

We believe the world has lost trust in its food. Especially the packaged kind. And with all the chemicals and refined sugar and incomprehensible stuff lurking in those packets, perhaps rightfully so.

Brands lost consumers’ trust, because they spoke half-truths.

When sugar got a bad rep, they replaced it with corn syrup. When ‘added sugar’ got a bad rep, they replaced it with sugar alcohols. As the curtain now drops on polyols, substitutes like maltodextrin and artificial sweeteners are standing-by, ready.

Well, if the secret-keeper keeps upping his game, so must the truth-speaker.

So we’re doubling down. Because you’ve put your trust in us. And we intend to keep it.


Watch this space.

PS: Can you guess what it is?


317 18

We’re pausing regular programming because, something BIG is coming up!

In a few days, we’ll announce a big change. But ‘change’ isn’t the right word for it.

What’s coming up, is an Evolution.


In our few months of existence, we’ve discovered numerous ways in which food-marketeers obfuscate facts.

Brown bread isn’t really brown. Sugar-free doesn’t mean no sugar. Healthy cereals are just well-disguised carbohydrate bombs. Natural fibres are made in chemistry labs. We could go on and on.

When we created ‘𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗲𝗹𝘀𝗲’, we went beyond what other seemingly clean-label brands were doing, and declared each and every ingredient, upfront. We thought that was enough.

But now, having seen how deep the rot runs, we believe it isn’t. We believe that you deserve to know the truth, not just about ingredients, but about EVERYTHING.

So we’ve decided to evolve. Into a brand that does just that.


Watch this space.

PS: Can you guess what it is?


633 28

We’re pausing regular programming because something BIG is coming up!

And we came up with this ‘something BIG’ because we took a pause.

Ok, to be honest, we were forced to take a pause. All of us were!


As the pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt, we too decided to pause and reflect on what we’d been creating.

We’d started this brand with a simple mission: To re-build the world’s trust in its food.

Everything we did, from declaring all ingredients on the front of the pack, to busting popular was all in service of this one mission.

And folks like you loved it. In fact, honestly, we were overwhelmed with just how much you loved it.

And yet, when we asked ourselves - “are we doing enough?”, we came up short. Against our own expectations.

So we’ve decided to change that. We’ve decided to live up to our own expectations. And to hopefully exceed yours.


Watch this space.

PS: Can you guess what it is?


495 20

We’re Back!

We’ve resumed operations! yay!

Given on-ground challenges being faced by our delivery partners, we won’t be able to offer CoD. Also, deliveries will take 5 - 10 days. Apart from that, nothing changes.

And you can order as much as you want! Stash Up!!

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