Protein Myth Busters

Protein Myth Busters

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Protein bars are for gym bros. Not me.

Guy eating bar 1 min scaled

You’re right.

A gazzilion grams of chemical-laden protein is for bulky gym bros.

This bar though, is just nutritionally balanced, clean food (that happens to be rectangular in shape)

If nuts, dates, and milk are for you, this is for you.

Whey Protein isn’t natural

Right again.

Most Whey in the market is full of chemicals like BCAA, Creatine, etc.

In its natural form, Whey is just a by-product of cheese. It’s the water left behind after straining curd.

It’s this raw, unadulterated Whey that we use.

Indians don’t need that much Protein

Indians 1 mina

80% of Indians eat protein-deficient diets.

That’s a fact. We used to be an agrarian society. We worked on farms and then ate carbohydrate-heavy, vegetarian food.

We are now modern society. We sit on chairs and work on laptops. But our food hasn’t changed.

We might need less protein than Americans. But we aren’t getting even that.

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  1. Love your posts. Just the right amount of humour with the useful information and nothing else. Keep up the good work bro

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