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The History of Sugar Part 1: Choose Sugar over Apples

Nutritionists say that no single food is fattening unless you eat more calories than your body uses up.
And since plain sugar has lesser calories than a whole apple. Have plain sugar! It’ll keep you active, give you instant energy, and yet keep you slim?
This is a series of ads from a sugar-brand the 1960s.

Reading it today, makes you either laugh or gag. How could they even think of comparing a nutritious apple to refined sugar!
But don’t laugh. The joke’s on all of us. It was this kind of advertising that put sugar into every piece of packaged food over the last century.
And then, when we discovered refined sugar, they started finding alternatives. HFCS, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Invert syrup.
The list goes on and on.

The truth is that us consumers always lag behind them marketeers. And so does food science (since it is largely funded by big-food companies). So every time we think we’re onto them, they move on to the next trick.
So the real question is, what do you think is today’s sugar? Tell us in comments, which sugar-substitute is being sold to us today, like sugar was being sold 70 years ago!

PS: We believe the only way to get ahead of the marketeers, is to eat 100% natural. Stuff grown on farms, not made in chemistry labs.

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