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What is Yeast Extract?

Yeast extract is made by adding sugar to yeasts or by using pre existing enzymes present in yeast already. It can be found in snacks, soups, meats and other such packaged food to round up the flavour.

What are the other names this ingredient is also known as? 

Yeast extract, valued for its savory flavor, appears under alternative names like autolyzed yeast, yeast autolysate, and yeast nutrient on ingredient labels. These terms interchangeably refer to the versatile component known for enhancing savory profiles in various food products.

What products is it used in?

This ingredient is used in canned soups, ramen mixtures, pre-packaged broths, sauces, prepared meals, meat products, seasonings, savoury snacks like chips, puffs, biscuits and other baked goods. 

What is the source of this ingredient?

Yeast extract is a natural product derived from the processing of yeast cells, often Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The process involves breaking down the yeast cell walls to release the contents. While it is derived from a natural source, it undergoes a processing method, making it a processed food ingredient. Yeast extract is generally considered both vegan and vegetarian. It is a byproduct of yeast, which is a single-celled fungus and does not involve animal products. However, it’s always advisable to check product labels, as some variations of yeast extracts might be fortified with additional ingredients that could affect its vegan or vegetarian status. 

Is this ingredient bad for me? 

Since it’s so similar to MSG, a similar bodily response can be seen – one can experience short term and long term consequences of MSG consumption.
Short term – burning sensation at the back of your neck, blisters, weakness and fatigue – 20 minutes after consumption.
Long term – inflammation and asthma.

What should I do?

Avoid at all costs

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