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Congratulations! I have tried so many nutrition bars and yours is clearly the winner. The clean ingredients can be clearly tasted. Thanks for making this for us 🙏🙏

Isha Khurana


Honest Review Coming Up!!
Recently, I tried these two vegan energy bars from The Whole Truth Foods. The pink one is choco cranberry fudge. The orange, mocha almond. Being an eternal lover of all things chocolate, I preferred the fi

Asmita Chatterjee

Post #workout essentials ☺️ If you, like me, are obsessed with everything coconut, then you’re going to LOVE this coconut cocoa protein bar from @wholetruthfood
Full of goodness and absolutely delicious 🤤

Mallika Fatehpuria


The starsour products

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from startup fam

Nithin KamathFounder

Has to be the tastiest health food I have eaten till now. Super p

Avnish BajajFounder

the @wholetruthfood new energy bars have a new 14 year old fan in

Suchita SalwanFounder

SO DAMN GOOD @thewholetruthfoods

for what we stand for

Brown Bread vs Whole Wheat vs Multigrain Bread |Which bread is healthiest? | The Whole Truth Academy

175026 views | 1215 Likes

  • A

    Aman Agrawal

    This just blew my mind. I have been eating Wheat bread everyday thinking that I'm smart and I don't eat maida at all! I couldn't have been more wrong!!

  • S


    Crisp and informative video as always. The only thing I don't like is that everytime I watch these videos I realise how foolish I was regarding my buying decisions. Keep up the good work.

  • A


    Extremely informative! Thanks for simplifying this. You have mentioned an alternative in trying out local Baker breads but I would also love to hear more direct alternative choices/recommendations or may be see The whole truth come up with one of their own😊

  • P


    Sir, I I have been experimenting with baking my own sourdough breads using starter, maida/whole wheat flour/ other grains, salt & water. I can add following information. 1. Bread can not be made without gluten which is only present in wheat. 2. Breeds of 100% wheat or multigrain with more than 10% non wheat component become too dense for lliking of most people. 3. Breads made with commercial yeast will need additives to increase shelf life. Only sourdough breads have better shelf life without additives. Anyone looking to eat healthy bread has to opt for sourdough breads. They have their unique tangy flavour & develop taste it to believe it kind of crunchiness on toasting

  • s

    sunitha sb

    Very informative and eye opening, thank you! Can you do one on the traditional rock salt versus pink salt? Hearing many talks about potassium levels in our body being affected due to continuous use of punk salt... what's the whole truth in this? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Badminton Star
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Triathlete & Nutritionist

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Calisthenics Trainer
double cocoa loving
sweet tooth

Siddhi Thakkar

CrossFit & Boxing Fan

for our service

Hi, this is deepika !! You guys have always been that one brand I adore and love a lot right from the time it was andnothingelse!! Every new launch, rebranding I have always been there!! I just rec

Deepika Sree

I was not even aware about the quality of product. These guys themselves reached out to me and got it replaced. That’s some next level customer service.

Anirudh Somani@somani_ani

Amazing customer service. Thanks for replacing my order. You have earned yourself a loyal customer. 🙂

Utkarsh Shetti

The Whole Truth of
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On 6th October, we put out an open call for influencers who are respected for their expertise and their honest opinions. After going through 120+ applications, we shortlisted 30 on the 2nd December.

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