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Reason 828373 on why I love @wholetruthfood:
I was scrolling down their website and came ac



Their packaging game has been on point since day 1 but seriously, how cute is this

Niagha Bollamma Rajesh


Shoutout to
I have tried peanut butter from many different companies.




and we didn’t even have to payask for it

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Aditi Lipin

This takes courage, kudos! I'm someone very far from your TG but still followed your page for the detailed information.

Bhavini Verma

Sending validation!🔥 Keep up the great work team❤️

Aprajita Vaid

A brand that wants to be conscious about their content. Only makes me love you guys more ♥️

Neha C. Parihar

Don't go. You are one of the few authentic pages on Insta whose posts I look forward to. It just makes logical sense for a person o follow you. Even if you go, come back soon and thanks for enlightening us on topics we never knew we needed enlightenment 🙏🏻

Poruri Sai Rahul

Don’t worry @thewholetruthfoods , i still follow you closely on YouTube and probably most true foodies here do as well. Keep up the scientifically well researched work and for taking on the huge challenge of educating people about something they don’t want to know about or don’t care enough to know about.


This. This is the caption i needed to read today. Thank you. Enjoy your break, no matter whatever led to it :)

Malini Agarwal (MissMalini)

Oh that hit me right on the feels ❤️‍🩹 let’s meet offline and hug it out and never post about it.

Sonal Choudhury

I feel the drift, and I have so much respect for a brand that acknowledges it. Do what it takes for you to be whole, because there are only a few who are as truthful as you. More power to you ❤️

Nidhi | HealthyHairEnthusiast

Completely feel you.. I stopped using Instagram for sometime for the same reason. I hope you find a better platform that deserves your in-depth knowledge.❤️


Kudos to @twitellectual for taking a stand to take a break from Instagram while building @wholetruthfood. I strongly believe that the rabbit hole of these algorithms only makes them richer & doesn’t really add any value to your business.


Apt that @wholetruthfood called out the instagram algorithm. Such platform thinking reduces brand marketing to putting up (mindless) content every single day. PoVs like these are also needed to counter big tech's vacuous big talk. @twitellectual

Abhishek Agrawal

Have been following your page post and the interviews that you have given on "taking a break from insta"..must say "bold" and "strong move" and love the way you are building trust and credibility in this "half-truth food ecosystem". Love the "whole truth" of The Whole Truth Foods brand ❤

Mansi Gupta

Takes a lot of courage! But what you did here takes it to another level. As a founder of Indian start up, you are an inspiration. Especially how were able to acknowledge the drift and more so, act on it. Speaks volumes about you as a leader. Thank you for making 'take a break' feel so normal. Humanization of a brand, establishes so much about you and your products.

Ruchika Wadhwa Bhalla

It's commendable how honest and outspoken this move is. Hoping more and more leaders take this route. And I'm sure that your tribe and your loyal customers are not going to be negatively affected by this. If anything, this builds even more trust! An amazing and empowering move! 🔥Sending you and your team only the best and the most "whole"some wishes. :)

Shubham Agarwal

Shashank Mehta you are not only re-building trust in food but also re-building marketing, setting precedence of how marketing may(should) evolve in this era. This is actually what a consumer centric business actually means. This is brave. And fortune favours the brave.

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print the love!

from startup fam

Nithin KamathFounder

Has to be the tastiest health food I have eaten till now. Super p

Avnish BajajFounder

the @wholetruthfood new energy bars have a new 14 year old fan in

Suchita SalwanFounder

SO DAMN GOOD @thewholetruthfoods

for our content

Brown Bread vs Whole Wheat vs Multigrain Bread |Which bread is healthiest? | The Whole Truth Academy

208.7k views | 2k Likes

  • @


    This just blew my mind. I have been eating Wheat bread everyday thinking that I'm smart and I don't eat maida at all! I couldn't have been more wrong!!

  • @


    This was one of the first posts that caught my attention back in the day while scrolling IG. Glad to see all the way you've made from then!

  • @


    Sir, I I have been experimenting with baking my own sourdough breads using starter, maida/whole wheat flour/ other grains, salt & water. I can add following information. 1. Bread can not be made without gluten which is only present in wheat. 2. Breeds of 100% wheat or multigrain with more than 10% non wheat component become too dense for lliking of most people. 3. Breads made with commercial yeast will need additives to increase shelf life. Only sourdough breads have better shelf life without additives. Anyone looking to eat healthy bread has to opt for sourdough breads. They have their unique tangy flavour & develop taste it to believe it kind of crunchiness on toasting

  • @


    Crisp and informative video as always. The only thing I don't like is that everytime I watch these videos I realise how foolish I was regarding my buying decisions. Keep up the good work.

  • @


    Woah! You guys are doing some really good work. Thanks a lot for these kind of videos that break the food myths.

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