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Yay! You Came!

Ok let’s begin by defining

What’s the perfect breakfast?

Hint: It does these 3 things

It gets you started

On everything! Protein, carbs, good fats, natural fibers, vitamins, minerals - it should get your day’s ticker rolling on all fronts.

It keeps you up

Ever felt like plonking right back into bed after breakfast? It’s not you…it’s the simple carbs (and refined sugars) leading to an insulin surge.

It keeps you going

Breakfast should get you to lunch. If it fizzles out midway (and your energy crashes by noon), it’s because the energy release was fast and spiky. Not slow and steady.

Hence, these Mueslis

1. Protein: 6.2g
2. Natural fibre: 3.7g
3. Complex carbs: 25.1g
4. Fats from nuts & seeds: 5.7g
5. Addl. protein from 200ml milk: 8.0g

We crafted these Mueslis to tick all those boxes, and more. Here’s how:

Balanced Macros:

Unlike traditional breakfast cereals that are loaded with carbs (and little else), only half the energy here comes from carbs. And the other half from good fats & proteins.


Sustained Energy:

Majority of the carbs are complex, slow-release carbs from whole grains. Which means steady energy release that gets you through the day.


Low Insulin Impact:

The complex carbs and natural fibres help avoid a sudden insulin surge. No spikes and crashes.


No refined sugar:

Sugar ain’t bad. Refined, nutritionally empty sugar is. So to sweeten this Muesli we found Kakvi. A dark, golden liquid used for ages in rural, coastal India - it’s the most un-refined form of sugarcane you can find. And it’s even more nutritious than jaggery! PS: We also have a 'No added sugar' muesli now if you'd like.


Portion controlled:

The real problem with a sugary breakfast cereal is how much we eat of it. Both as breakfast and generally - as a snack. That’s why we send you a measuring scoop. 2 scoops = 1 serving = ~220 calories. Another 120cal from 200ml milk - and your morning is sorted under 350cal! But no cheating, ok!


Folks love us

Tried the fruit and nut muesli and loved it! Perfect add on to my morning yogurt bowl and yummy just as a snack.

Upasana Kagzi

Natural Foods Chef
Star Rating
The fruit muesli was superb! I really did not expect it to be this tasty. It tasted all natural and not at all like any artificial flavours.


Social Entrepreneur
Star Rating
I can't believe something this healthy with no refined sugar whatsoever tastes so good. This is a revolution in packaged meal!

Shraddha Naik

Global Brand Manager
Star Rating

Busting the jargon

Apologies for all the big words like complex carbs and insulin surge in the previous section. The copy-writer was on leave, so we asked the nutritionist to help and she went full-nerd with it

No worries though, we’ve explained it all in normal people language below:


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